I understand that each Hebrew letter has a fundamental meaning and that combining letters creates complicated concepts resulting in words. I was wondering if there is fundamental meaning in the sounds letters make. I have seen something about the sounds of Hebrew letters on a spectrum-anylizer or something like that but I want to know how does the sound of the letter relate to its meaning.


To the Questioner, 

The reality of Sound wave patterns corresponding to the form of the Hebrew letters was shown through a unique program by Yaakov Guggenheim. 

"Yaakov (57), who holds a master's degree in physics and electronics, lives in Rehovot. He returned to Israel where he worked as an engineer and radar researcher and later as a senior engineer in the field of missile defense, and he worked in the Elba project in the fields of radar and electro-optics.  

"I immigrated to Israel in order to connect with my Jewish roots," he says. "I began to study Hebrew and Judaism at the same time, and from the first moment I felt a tremendous love for the Holy language, and when I came to the verse, 'And all the people see the voices, For years at the University of Paris, which showed the vibrations of the sound waves in the form of graphic signals, and the interesting thing is that the sound of birds is like a bird. 

"He tried to examine the graphic shapes that formed different letters, and gradually discovered that the sounds of the Hebrew letters create characters on the screen. With the help of a unique computer program he developed, he succeeded in creating an acoustic simulation of the letters of the Holy Tongue. The result is amazing: a clear and precise pronunciation of the letters in the Holy Tongue creates graphs that are very similar (in most cases) to the shape of the letters. 

"It took him four years to prove his theory. Five years ago he patented his invention. Recently, with the acceleration of computers speed, it is possible to perform the experiment in real time, ie the pace of speech. He explains that the processing speed of the computer is necessary because of the huge gap between the amount of information received by a picture and the information transmitted by a sound - a gap of about one hundred per image. 

"Guggenheim proves that the form of the letters (in Assyrian scripture) is obtained by uttering them only in the Holy Tongue and not in any other language. Jacob, who deals with the inner sanctuaries of the Torah, also points to the deep meaning of the letters in the process of the creation and existence of the world. And the world, as we know, was also created in the letters of the Holy Tongue. 

With Blessings, 
Hidabroot team