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Is a Transgender Operation Permissible according to the Torah?



Is transgender a real thing according to the Torah?


To the Questioner, 

No.  To change gender surgically or by any other means is absolutely forbidden. Sex is indeed defined by external signs at the time of birth, but it is only a sign of the kind of soul that has descended into the world. Even if certain organs were cut and other organs were inflated, it does not really matter. The woman remains a woman and the man remains a man even after all the plastic changes.

Doing a transgender operation, entails within it several prohibitions: 

A. It is considered destruction of a valuable entity, without any benefit.

B. There is a Torah prohibition against sterilizing a man or woman. 

C. When a woman goes around totally appearing as a man or vice versa, it is a violation of the Torah prohibition that a woman shall not don a man's utensils and that a man shall not wear women's clothing.

According to the Torah outlook on life, we believe that no one is accidentally born in the opposite sex. There are no mistakes in the world at all, especially in the matters of procreation, which are specified by the Talmud as not being performed by an angel - a messenger of G-d - but by G-d Himself. So if one who feels for whatever reason as a male was born initially as a female or vice versa, it is deliberately planned to be so, and one's role in this world is to live here in the form of the gender and according to the lifestyle of that form in which he was born. Living in the state in which a person was born will lead to the greatest level of spiritual correction and eternal life.

With Blessing,
Rabbis of Hidabroot