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Proof that G-d Exists



How can I prove to others that G-d exists?


There are countless scientific, logical, and philosophical reasons that require every rational person to come to conclude that there is a Creator of the world regardless of or dependent on the subject of evolution or the age of the world.

Here are some proofs:
  (1) Scientific proof from the “Big Bang”: We know there is a G-d because the universe had a beginning, and every beginning has to start someplace. Science has proved that the universe appeared at a certain point in time and did not always exist, which proves the existence of a Creator outside of matter and time, Who created the universe from nothing.

(2) Scientific evidence from the laws of nature: science has proved that even at this moment there are laws of nature, without which the universe would return to chaos. But there is no rational reason for the constant activity of these laws. This is proof that there is Divine control over the universe at every moment, which rules the laws and enlists them as "Renewing the act of Creation every day." Without G-d’s constant supervision, there would be no need for the continued existence and natural law of the world, and the universe would simply return to chaos. Software on the computer would not continue to operate without a constant supply of electricity.

(3) Logical proof of design: We see that nature is designed: atoms, molecules, water cycle, ozone, oxygen, etc. are all very complex systems in every aspect. The wisdom revealed in nature is an undeniable scientific fact, and this is logical proof that there is an intelligent Creator who designed all this, because there is no wisdom without a Wise One.

(4) Unambiguous philosophical proof: Anything you can ask about "Why is it this way and not that way?" testifies to its being limited by another force that set its boundaries.

(5) Spiritual proof: Because we understand that we have a spiritual essence that distinguishes us from all animals, we conclude that there is a Creator who created souls in us, and combined spirit and matter.

(6) Personal proof: We also know about G-d through the personal experiences of human beings who have experienced His Providence in their lives, which proves Divine intervention (what is often mistakenly referred to as "coincidence" and "fate").

You don’t need to be "Einstein" or psychic to understand that there is a Creator of the world. Even a child can look honestly at the world around him and come to the obvious conclusion that there is a Creator. The existence of a Creator is not at all related to the question of whether the He created the world over millions of years, or whether the Creator created the animals via the process of evolution. In any and all cases, it is clear to us that there is a Creator Who created the universe and man with wisdom and precise intent - with or without evolution, and independent of how long the process took. It is important to understand that the reality of the Creator cannot be refuted in any situation.

We also know that the Torah is true, because we have a faithful history of thousands of years, documenting and verifying the Creator's Hand in the Ten Plagues of Egypt, the splitting of the Red Sea, the 40 years in the desert, in illogical prophecies that occurred over the course of two thousand years as described in the Book of Numbers, and of course, the revelation of the Creator to all the people of Israel at Mount Sinai.

Our forefathers faithfully passed down the Torah and the holidays and mitzvoth, and were prepared to sacrifice their lives in every generation to defend its truth. We do not believe in the Exodus only because it is written in the Torah, but because of our forefathers who passed the Torah from generation to generation as the national history of our people for 3300 years. Therefore, the Torah gives historical evidence that cannot be denied, and all those "deniers of the Bible" are no different from the Holocaust deniers that have arisen in recent years.

The people of Israel are the only nation in the world have received instructions directly from G-d before an entire nation, in Divine revelation and in miracles that demonstrate His control over nature. There is no religion that has influenced the world more than the Torah of the Jews. Even the existence of the Jewish people proves the miraculous control of the Creator in history, since Israel is the only nation in the world that has survived so much destruction and anti-Semitism for thousands of years. It has been dispersed all over the world. It remains small and has survived without rule or army. All the empires and ancient peoples assimilated and disappeared, and even after all this the people of Israel returned to their land after two thousand years of exile. We know the secret of eternity!

We have countless historical reasons to believe in the Torah, and to know clearly that the Torah of Israel is true. There is no Torah or religion in the world that will even try to compete with the historical and miraculous authenticity of the Torah and the Jewish people. All the principles of faith are clarified in the books of our sages, such as the Kuzari, Duties of the Heart, and more