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Difference between Hebrew and other Languages



How do i explain the Difference between Hebrew and other languages?


The complexity and wisdom of the Hebrew language is such that it could not have been invented by human beings. The internal logic and interconnectedness of the letters and the words are vastly superior to any other language on earth. The fact that we were given and still have the Torah in Lashon Hakodesh (ancient Hebrew) is further proof of the Divine origins of the Torah. 
The Hebrew language is the vehicle through which G-d’s existence is filtered. Therefore it is called Lashon Hakodesh.
Other languages are languages by convention, i.e. by the common decision of a group of people to agree to use certain sounds (words) to represent certain things. Hebrew, however, is intrinsic, i.e. the words actually reflect the reality of a particular object at a certain level. Since the world was created by G-d using Hebrew words, were we to trace any object back up its spiritual trajectory, we would, at some stage (olam habriya), get to the word. The word, then, is the reality of the object at a higher level. This is how Adam knew what the names of the animals were. Whatever Man understood to be each animal’s name that was indeed its name.
Thus the name of something in Lashon Hakodesh is its essence.