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Judaism is the best option for a Jew



How do I explain to my students that Judaism is the best option for a Jew?


Here some great quotes which will help you deal with this issue:

"When this people is faithful to its God and its tradition, it produces an astonishingly high proportion of men and communities whose sense of inter-human responsibility is as great as anything mankind has ever known." (Eugene Borowitz) 
"Judaism is relevant because it contributes to our goals - specifically to successful marriage, reduction in addictions and crime, universal literacy and meaningful life. (Dovid Gottlieb, summary)
Emanual Feldman: “For one thing, the Orthodox have produced something which other movements have failed to produce: a committed, younger generation ready to carry on. Rabbi Schach’s disciples are proud of their ability to replicate the ways of their fathers and grandfathers.  In the teachings of their forbears they find truth, reality, meaning, ideals by which to live and for which to die.”

See in detail, “Permission to Receive” by Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen