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Psychopaths blessed



In honour of the Rabbi's Shalom! I hope that this email finds you all in good health. Why is it possible for people with psychopathic ideation to be blessed in abundance, even though they are aware of their actions and that it is against G-D and Torah, they commit horrendous crimes; adultery, living with their adulterer, no ketubah, immorality, Lashon Harah, psychopathic ideation to humiliate and cause extreme harm to other people, no regret for evil actions, no remorse for evil actions, They are successful in thier lives and have no worries. thank you in advance for your time it is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards 


To the Questioner, 

Our Sages tell us that even Moses asked this question of G-d (Berachot 7a): Why is there a righteous person who has bad in his life, and why is there a wicked person who who has  everything  good?

This is a very good question. It would be a decisive question if This World were all there was. But it is not. G-d does not reward people in This World for the good they do. Only in the land of Israel, and only for the Jewish people as a whole, is there a linkage between spiritual behavior and G-d’s direct response to us. Ultimately, everything is accounted for exactly in the World to come.

In addition, G-d did build the world in such a way that, when evil reaches a certain point, it self-destructs.

But for individuals, we get not reward and punishment in this world, but tools for change. G-d reacts to our actions, words and thoughts and presents us with new challenges, internal or external, that are perfect for our next stage of growth. It may be that someone perfectly righteous spends his whole life in dire poverty. And this is just what he needs. And it may be that someone perfectly evil is rolling in money. And this gives him the opportunities he needs to maximize his potential.

In the end we all get what we need and we will all be held accountable for fulfilling our potential. We cannot know anyone else’s potential and why he was given what he was given. We are competing only with ourselves.

May all the people who are not well utalize their opportunities for correction in the best possible way in their lives. 

With Blessing, 
The Hidabrut Team