Jewish Law

Gentile working in Kosher restaurant



We are going to open a kosher restaurant soon and my fiance (who hasn't converted yet) will be a part of it. According to the Halacha, what is he allowed to do in the restaurant that won't jeopardize the kosher certification of the food? I know he's not allowed to turn the fire on, or touch wine etc. but is he allowed to put stuff (like salad pickles etc.) in a pita for instance without it voiding kosher? What can he do there?


To the Questioner, 

Yes, according to what I understand he can do many things (including putting the ingrediants into a pita), except for the two catagories you mentioned. 

See also Yoreh Deyah, 113, 115, 118.

You should be the one though, to check any foods that need to be checked for bugs (e.g. lettuce, strawberries, etc.), so that the checking takes place according to the full halachic standards.