Jewish Thought

Bechira and Yediah




To the Questioner, 

This is what is called a “paradox” – not a contradiction. A paradox is a seeming contradiction. While to our physical minds these two concepts might seem as a contradiction, really they are not. A contradiction has no answer to it – a paradox does have a solution, just that its solution is above our grasp (Chovot Halevavaot). 

See the Rambam in Hilchot Teshuva 5, where he explains at length that as Jews we are expected to believe in both the reality of free choice and G-d’s foreknowledge as existing simultaneously. This paradox is hinted to in the commandment of Parah Aduma (Red Heffer) [Sefer B’nei Yissschar] and its solution was thus already revealed to Moses (Midrash Rabbah Chukat).

With Blessings, 
Rav Nachum