Jewish Law

Inappropriate Menorah



If a Chanukah menorah is shaped in the image of something that can be construed as offensive, like a woman's body part, is the menorah still valid?


To the Questioner, 

It is hard to know what you are referring to so we cannot render a decision. 

However, let it suffice that if you yourself and one other persion who you ask both agree that the Menorah is inappropriate or that it can bring to inappropriate thoughts, it is better that you do not use the Menorah but find an alternative one. 

The reason is that one may not do a mitzva that involves an avera at the same time time, and the arousal of improper thoughts is quoted by the Gemara as being an avera. 

Source: Avodah Zara 20b.

With blessings for a happy and kosher Chanuka, 
Rav Nachum