Books on Halacha and Hashkafa



Hi Rabbi. I am a baal teshuva in my late 40’s. Almost two years ago I started my path to becoming a Torah Jew. A year and a half ago I started being shomer shabbat. I also got serious about getting married and started going on shidduch dates. I am now engaged to be married! B”H. I got a book on the Laws of Niddah by Binyomin Forst. I also got a book about marriage by Aryeh Kaplan. I am starting to study them. Can you recommend any other books for me? The wedding is in March (three months). Thank you. Ron


To the Questioner, 

May everything be in a good hour and you merit to build a trustworthy home among the Jewish Nation.

I would suggest that you acquire a sefer on Hilchos Shabbas and one on Kashrus so that if any questions come up after marriage you will be able to look them up:

In addition I would suggest a hashkafah sefer which outlines the basic Jewish beliefs and our ultimate goal in life in a user-friendly way:

With Blessings, 
Rav Nachum