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Questions about Moshiach



1. Could MBD come on a "lower" level because the Jewish people fall short of what Hashem expects?
One Moshiach coming as Azkhenazi or Sephardic or Chabad or Breslov or Kurdish or... this can cause envy in the other "groups", almost the reason for the destruction of the Temple.
the question is: could he come as Ben Noach or "non-religious" Jews at first? 
obviously becoming later and gradually acquiring much knowledge. Even because he also comes to unite the whole world and not only the Jewish people.
Even if unprovable, this can not be possible? It would be a good fit for him to come upon a donkey (after mastering your yetzer hara). Besides a shrewd way of God to hide it in a klipa noga (as Moses in Mizraim).
2. If you will allow me: one last question. if he is humble like Moshe then he may not know that he is MBD, correct? or is he necessarily self-conscious of his anointing?

Thank you very much.
HaShem bless you.


To the Questioner, 

1. The Rambam has written regarding this (Melachim 12:4):

"And all of these things [regarding the coming of Moshiach] and what is connected to them, no person knows how they will be, until they will be."

2. From the Rambam (Melachim 11:8-9) it seems that the Mashiach himself does not know beforehand that he is Mashiach. 

With Blessings,