Miracle of Basya's Hand



Why did hashem make a miracle for basya's arm to stretch when instead could of made the the wind blow the ark of Moshe towards basya


To the Questioner, 

The Lev Eliyahu teaches that we have a rule, that once a person exerts as much effort as he possibly can to do a mitzva, then Hashem helps him complete it even in ways that are above his natural ability to do so. 

Only once Basya extended her hand to reach out as much as she could, did Hashem do a miracle to help her complete the mitzva even in a way that she personally was unable to. 

The goal was not that the ark with Moshe should reach Basya, but rather that Basya herself should exhibit her innermost will to do what was true and right. 

With Blessing, 
Rav Nachum