Is it Ok for a non-Jew not to Convert?



I'm reviewing, learning about the Jewish religion from a "Christian" background with the purpose of better understanding. I recently learned the Nimrod,tammaz, (I think thats the correct spelling) and it upset me and made me question just what I was actually believing. The Torah and related information from Rabbi videos has expand my knowledge and understand exponentially. It really has helped me grow. But I just came across a reference to the Sanhedrin 59a in the comments section of what basically was a video discouraging conversation to judism. It also reference the "Rambam" as discouraging it and saying we we're like Kohen Gadol offering profane fire to G_D. I really don't have a good way to verify this or even check if I understood it correctly. I humbly ask if you can clarify this.


To the Questioner,

Conversion is discouraged in Judaism as is clear from the Talmud and the code of Jewish Law, becuaדe Judaism is not a missionizing religion. 

There is no goal in Judaism to convert non-Jews to Judaism. 

According to Traditional Orthodox Religious Jewish Tradition, a non-Jew  can also have a portion in the World-to -Come (Maimonides). 

He needs to keep the 7 Laws that are applicable to him:

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