Full Name of Yosef



Why does it say ye-ho-sef on the efod. Shouldn't it say his name he is most referred to, Yosef, what is the reason


To the Questioner, 

See Tehillim 81:6 where Yosef is called Yehosef. 

The Gemara in Sotah (10b) explains, that due to Yosef's act of Kidush Shem Shamayim (Bereishit 39:12), an extra letter from Hashem's Name was added to his name. 

It would therefore seem that this is the name most appropriate to be placed on the Holy Choshen - that name which Yosef had earned due to his self-sacrifice to keep to the Mitzvot of Hashem. 

With blessing, 
Rav Nachum