Amatlai bat Karnevo - Segula



I have heard that some people say the name of Avraham Avinu's mother when they need help. Can you tell me the source of this , when it is said, and how many times. Thank you.


To the Questioner, 

Avraham Avinu's mother's name was Amatlai the daughter of Karnevo.

Source: Bava Basra (91a).

The original segulah is from the Chida in his sefer "Avodat Hakodesh" [Kaf Achat - Tet]:

"A segulah for [when] going before a king or a great officer or Ruler, [is to] say seventeen times "Amatlai bat Karnevo" before standing before him". 

[Taken from a Tshuva answered by Rabbi Menashe Yisrael.]

In addition: 

In the book "The Klausenberger Rebbe - The War Years" (page 36) he told the author to observe the following 3 practices to be saved from danger: 1) be very careful to keep his head covered; 2) observe the laws of washing hands; and 3)that when in danger to say to himself: "The mother of Avraham Avinu was Amatlei bas Karnebo; Yavo hamelech veHaman hayom ( the first letter of each word spells Hashems name); and Elokah deRebbe Meir aneni". [Taken from a post by Hillel Abrahams.]

With blessings,