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The Traditional Passover Meal



Salutations Rabbi,

I have a question pertaining to the traditional Passover meal. The traditional Seder dinner typically includes gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, brisket or roast chicken, potato kugel and carrot and prune tzimmes. Now, we know that none of these foods originated in ancient Israel - they're from a later period in Jewish history during the diaspora and after the destruction of the Temple.

But my question is, what would have been a traditional Passover meal in ancient Israel? What would have been the traditional Passover meal for people living at the time of King Solomon or the Prophet Isaiah? What would have been the Passover meal for people living in the time of Herod's Temple?

Thank you,
Joshua Flaugher


To the Questioner, 

The Traditional Religious Orthodox Jewish Seder meal is described in the Torah as being Matzah, bitter herbs, and the meat of the Passover Sacrifice.

Even today the types of foods served for the seder meal are by custom; it is only obligatory that the actual meal consist of Matzah and bitter herbs. 

With blessings,