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Is it mutar to listen to music on isru chag (even if one keeps the 1st days of the omer)? And if it is not is there a heter to go to a mimouna even if one is not Moroccan?


To the questioner, 

Please forgive this delayed reply; hopefully it will be helpful for future reference. 

According to Rav Ovadya Yosef z"l one may hear music on Isru Chag, and therefore if the Mimouna falls out on Isru Chag it would be permissible to hear music. 

However, in  a year when the Mimouna falls out one day after Isru Chag - when Shabbat is Isru Chag - one may not hear music. 

Someone who has the custom not to hear music even on Isru Chag, should not attend any event on Isru Chag - including the Mimouna - where music is being played. 

Sources: Sefer Ki Ba Moed, p. 42 pragraph 86; Shailot U'tshvot Yisah Yosef 4:117.

With Blessings, 
Rav Nachum