Jewish Law

Saying Tehillim



I have been blessed to organize a Daily Tehillim mechulak Group with some friends. My question is: Is it 'ok' if one of the women says her portion in English? Does it affect the idea of the Sde Chemed that reading Tehillim mechulak is as if you said the whole sefer on your own? Thank you!


To  the Questioner, 

The halacha is that even Shmoneh Esrei, an obligatory prayer, may be recited in English. (Orach Chaim 101:4.)

Therefore, saying Tehillim in English should not make a difference in regard to Tehillim mechulak. The main thing is the kavana involved when reciting any extra prayers in Hebrew. This is stated clearly in Orach Chaim 1:4.

With blessings, 
Rav Nachum