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The role of women in Judaism



I'm on an online forum and some people were saying that they don't like religion (not Judaism, referring specifically to Christianity) since the women is put down. I responded saying that from the view of Judaism which Christianity is founded on, the women is looked up to, protected and often greater than the man. It's not better/worse roles, just different. Someone responded, and asked for clarification, writing:
In Genesis, woman was the seductress and temptress that caused the downfall of man, and the whole human race. Eve was cursed by God for her disobedience and leading Adam astray: "Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee"
I said I'd ask and try find a response to it, and am wondering if you can respond

(my original response was:
Historically, in Judaism (and I'm quoting judaism as supposedly christianity and all variations originate there, and also because this is all before christianity was developed, and I don't know enough about any religion, but I think that all christianity believe in this - correct me if I'm wrong) a women, as @JmpMster says has an equal if not greater roll. Think of Adam and Eve. Adam saying he followed Eve. Think of Abraham being told by god to listen to his wife, that his wife knows better. Or of god lying to Abraham about his wife, for him not to know she didn't believe in him. Think of Jacob choosing where to go based on his mothers advise. Think of the women prophets.
Traditionally women have held a different role to that of men. Not better or worse. Different.
All religion is meant to be about respect and elevation of a women. Looking after. Care for. Protect.)

Thank you!



To the Questioner, 

Your answer is quite well formulated. 

The mistake of the person who wrote the comment to you was that he call the woman a "seductress" which has a negative conotation, and it is framed as if this was who Eve was in essence. 
This is not true, since the seductive part came from the snake who was outside of Eve. 
While it is true that Eve's natural inclination was more to the emotions than Adam's - and that's why the seduction was able to move her first - Eve did not have any more negative aspects in her being than Adam did. Neither of them had any negativity initially in essence, and there is nothing negative about having a stronger connection to the emotional side of the Human Psyche.
according to Jewish Traditional  Orthodox Religious belief, Eve was not "cursed" by G-d through a negative fateful proclimation; rather, she was granted a different reality that would now be necessary in order for her to bring to the rectification of the mistaken choice.

With blessings,