The Priests as Jewish law-makers



Hi there! Thanks very much! My question is that the Pharisees removed the role of the Priests in ancient times because they were concerned they had become corrupt. I think this has had a significant impact on Jewish law because the Priests were supposed to minister the law to the Israelite people. Do you think the function of the Priests will ever be reinstated? Do you think this affects the legality of Jewish law today? With thanks


To the questioner, 

According to Traditional Orthodox Religious Jewish belief the Perushim-Pharisees did not  remove the role of the Priests. 

Source: Yoma 1:5.
The Prushim Priests did not become currupt. They continued to teach the Law to the people.
The Preist service in the Temple will be fully reinstated at the time when the Temple will be standing again. 
All this does not have any effect on Jewish legality today. 

With blessings,