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Hi my name is Sarah my question sounds a bit obvious but its bothering me so i figured i should ask you i know Hashem is my king and gives us everything but who is He?????why cant we see Him we know Hashem isn't a person or or a spiritual thing so what is He and why cant He tell us who He is directly? why threw messengers malachim /etc.? and what are we suppose to imagine Him like and how are we suppose to connect with Him if we cant see Him??????? thank you for taking the time to answer this!


To the Questioner, 

Your question is very important and necessary.

The reason that Hashem does not "tell us" who He is, is because Hashem is Infinite - which means, that there are no words that can be used to describe Him, because all the words in the world that could possibly be used are finite (are limited) - so He cannot "tell us" in words who He is. 

That is the reason also why we cannot "see" Him, because anything we see and grasp, is always going to be finite (limited), and that's not really Him.

But because He knows we are finite, He created a number of finite (limited) realities that give us, at our level, the ability to have some idea of who He really is. So we relate more to the message from a malach, etc.   

There is a way that we are allowed to imagine Hashem, but it does not involve any physical picture, and that is, through means of His Middot (Character Traits). Just like if you never met someone but you know that they are very Kind, Loving, Sincere, Caring, Wise, Genuine, Truthful, etc. so you already "know" something about "who that person is" even though you never met him, so too in regard to Hashem, even though we can't grasp Him fully, we can know a lot about Who He is, through learning about His Traits and how He acts toward His creations in the world. 

The way we're suppossed to connect with Him, is through building a positive and mutual relationship between ourselves and Him. The way this is done is by asking Him for certain things in our prayers - according to the rules we have passed down that can led to noticaeable results - and then, when a person sees that Hashem has answered his requests time and time again without fail, he feels a realationship to the One Who cares about him and listens to his prayers - even though He never actually saw Hashem and has never totally grasped Who Hashem is.

For instruction on how to follow "the rules of prayer that lead to noticeable results", please see this link:

May we all merit over time, to build that beautiful All-Caring and all-Encompasing, mutual relationship with the Creator of the World, which is really the major goal and purpose for our lives in this world. 

With blessings, 
Rav Nachum