Why do Jews from various parts of the world look different?



Why do Jews from various parts of the world look different, and how does this fit with the evidence you bring in your book The Revolution #2 that there is no evolutionary development in general, including the color of skin, the color of the eyes, etc. Was it because of intermarriage or assimilation?


The differences among Jews is not evolution, because all of us have the genes that determination our particular level of pigmentation, i.e. dark or light skin. G-d created man so he would have the genes that would allow him to adapt to different climates.

This means that if you move with your family to Africa, probably hundreds or thousands of years from now - your descendants will be blacks. G-d has already created in your genes the possibility to produce surplus pigmentation to protect humans from the solar radiation in those climates that require this protection.

Light eye color and light skin are due to lack of pigmentation — which is necessary for cold areas to enable a person to absorb as much light as possible (to obtain vitamin D) from the sun. This is also ingrained in our genes, and it is noticeable in cold countries where there is minimal sunlight.

Genetic variations are not evolution, and the following article in Hebrew explains this topic in detail:

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Of course, it is also likely that a number of non-Jews converted to Judaism through the ages, and added genes to the Jewish people’s gene pool that were not there before.