Dear Rabbi, I am Noahide. My friend 80 years old, lost her only son, about about 2 months ago. He was her only son. She had a dream of her son, and the same dream 3 times, and was asking if i could help her to know what it means. I told her i would try, and searched the web for Jewish sites, and came across yours. Here is what she dreamed about 3 times already. She said in her dream she went to take a short nap. Then she heard the doorbell ring and her her son's voice, saying: Please mother, let me in. I told her, what i think it might be… I told her that her grieving so much (i guess its natural as he was her only son), that it was not letting her son go in peace. that the sould of her son was torn between this world and the next. I know not what it really means, but please Rabbi, if you can help me to give her an answer, i shall be grateful. In advance i thank you. I will wish you also now Shabbat Shalom. Also wish you and yours a Happy Purim. Gd bless you all. Am israel Chai. Amen v'Amen. stella croning