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Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer: A Lifetime of Pure Kindness – Watch

Ezra Lemarpe is a non profit medical support organization founded by Rabbi Firer in 1979. It handles thousands of emergency calls daily and has become Israel's leading medical referral expert. Rabbi Firer's up to date knowledge in many areas of medicine has led him to develop a data bank of the worlds top medical specialists. People come to the Rabbi, not only for help in medical diagnosis, but for advice where to best be treated and by which doctor.

Rabbi Firer's vast knowledge and care for any human being, no matter race or religion, has also led him to develop desperately needed services for the sick all over Israel. All these services are provided free of charge.

Ezra Lemarpe assists patients with medical services for rehabilitation, cancer patients both adults and children, patients with serious illnesses and disabilities, ambulance services and more


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