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Rabbi Shteinman’s Last Will and Testament Read at his Graveside

Here is the will and testament that was read at Rabbi Shteinman’s graveside:

  • I ask that no one eulogize me, not in front of me and not away from me and not to make rallies of arousal (to repentance).
  • Don’t write any articles about me in the newspapers.
  • Don’t print funeral notices and don’t announce it on the radio or megaphones; 10 people are enough to make a funeral.
  • I ask anyone who wants to benefit me to learn a chapter of Mishnah for 12 months and women can say 10 psalms for me daily including Shabbat and holidays.
  • I ask anyone mentioning me not to call me a tsaddik (righteous one) or a yirei Hashem a G-d fearing person so that when I go to the world of truth I won’t suffer embarrassment.
  • I very much ask forgiveness to anyone whose honor I may have hurt or if I owe them money that I don’t know about or something that won’t actually be collected which is coming to him lawfully. I ask them to forgive me (of those debts).
  • I ask all my children and grandchildren not to follow my bier as per the (funeral) custom of Jerusalem.
  • My tombstone should be a simple one with no titles on it. Don’t spend money on my burial plot.
  • Since many people are mistaken about me as far as I’m concerned I advise people not to name their children after me but I don’t forbid it.

May His memory be a blessing.

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