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Rabbi Zamir Cohen Addresses the Defamation Against Tzofia Video Streamer

“How low did our defamers stoop? It’s a great shame they succeeded in misleading one of the leading sages of our generation.” These words were said by Rabbi Zamir Cohen as a response to the defamation that was spread last week claiming that the Hidabroot Organization is supposedly distributing Tzofia TV screens to the religious public.

In the Kol Chai radio program Rabbi Cohen discussed a specific episode to answer the question of a listener: “The rabbi that spoke against the Tzofia project was misled by people looking to arouse dispute and discord. It’s difficult for them to see others succeeding and that’s why they sought to harm us. They originally claimed we get money from the Christian Friendship Foundation for every screen we sell. Afterward they apologized for that.”

Rabbi Zamir Cohen continued and read the approbation of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef OBM and Rabbi Shalom Cohen Shlita that supported the Tzofia endeavor. This letter is dated from 2009 with the following approbation: “Since the community of people doing teshuva is growing and in our trying times do not merit to hear Torah lectures on a daily basis and where there’s no ‘water’ of Torah, the chance of filling the void with all terrible things and getting negative influence from electronic devices is great. We bless this endeavor to create a device that has no possibility of receiving anything bad only the transmissions of Torah words, and we turn to the House of Israel to assist the organization in establishing this.”

Rabbi Zamir again stresses what he has said since the first launching of the Tzofia screen: “This screen is not meant for people born religious. The words of ‘Shiviti’ – “I place G-d before me always” in order to make it clear that this screen is meant only for clean content. I don’t know what they told the rabbi against us, perhaps they said the screen has other things on it too, or it has both clean and not clean things. But someone who wants to know the truth should know the screen can be used for one thing only and after ascertaining that the screen can’t be attached to receive any nonreligious channels and we tested this with experts extensively over years of trials. It was only after this that we began to put this screen on the market.”

“We likewise market a converter that attaches to a computer which provides only an Email box and the Tzofia programs. It’s locked for anything else. Every day there is a news summary on Tzofia which is clean of slander and evil speech. There are children’s programs with “Chapters of the Fathers”which are broadcast in purity. That’s the whole idea of the screen. Hidabroot’s goal is to build strengthen and contribute. G-d forbid that damage should come out of this.”


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