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Racheli Frankel: “I’m Horrified When I Think of the Fear Naftali Had When He Understood He Was Kidnapped!”

This morning Yediot Acharonot reported that Racheli Frankel, the mother of Naftali Frankel who was one of the three kidnapped and murdered youths, is appearing in an American court tomorrow as part of their lawsuit the family filed against Iran and Syria claiming that both countries  funded the Hamas terrorists that carried out their heinous deed.
Tomorrow Racheli Frankel will take the witness stand in a U.S. court and will give the details of the events leading to the kidnapping and murder of her son Naftali and the other 2 youths, Ayal Yifrach and Gil-ad Shaer.
The prosecutors are asking the court to award punitive damages amounting   340 million dollars to the bereaved families from Iran and Syria for their involvement with Hamas terror. 
The reason the Frankel family is able to press charges is because Naftali is a U.S. citizen. In a court declaration Mrs. Frankel wrote: ”I get horrified  every time I think about the fear Naftali felt after he understood he was kidnapped and what he felt when he was shot to death. It is difficult for me to see all of Naftali’s friends having life experiences that Naftali will never have.”
 In addition to Mrs. Frankel’s testimony, An Israeli intelligence officer and a former CIA officer will testify. Intelligence information will be brought as evidence before the court that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iran and Syria directly financed the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli youth.
According to the evidence, Iran and Syria transferred 222,000 shekel to the terrorist cell that carried out the kidnapping and murder. They did this by laundering the money through a charitable organization called A-Nur that functions in Gaza.
This lawsuit is part of a series of lawsuits filed by ”Shurat Hadin” in the U.S. against terrorist organizations and governments that support them. In the past Shira Leibowitz a 6 year old won a lawsuit against Iran after being wounded from gunshots from a Islamic Jihad Terrorist in 2003. Shlomo ben chaim also won a lawsuit against Iran filed by the organization.
Attorney Darshan-Leitner who is representing Frankel said yesterday:” The kidnapping and murder of these youth could not have happened without the financing of 220,000 shekel which the terrorists needed to purchase a car and the weapons necessary to carry out their deeds. They received their money from the charitable organization of the Hamas. We again witness the fact that money is the oxygen that gives life to terror. If we stop the cashflow to terrorist organizations we will stop the terror. Iran and Syria are the fathers of finance to all terrorist organizations. We will continue to fight them in every possible way. We will show them that Jewish blood has a price.

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