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Religious Services Ministry Launches Marriage Registration App

The Religious Services Ministry launched a new digital application on Monday to streamline marriage licensing procedures and make them hassle-free. The app will allow couples to send and receive scanned documents as part of the initial application process and keep in touch with the relevant officials at local religious councils through messaging services and emails.
After the initial registration, couples will still have to appear in person at local religious councils for interviews together with witnesses who can attest to the fact that they are not married before the marriage is giving the green light.
Religious Services Minister David Azoulay said, “We have embarked on a new path, a path of advanced technology that enhances our services and makes them more accessible to citizens. We have only begun revolutionizing our services to the community.”
“For the first time, the ministry can provide couples with interactive services when they apply for marriage,” said Oded Palus, the director general of the ministry. “We will continuously upgrade our religious services in other areas as well. We will soon unveil a similar service for kashrut certifications and mikvehs [ritual baths].”
Since in Israel, religious authorities are responsible for marriage and divorce licensing, the chief rabbinate and its affiliated bodies handle these issues for Jewish couples.

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