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Religious Woman Wins in Israeli National Lottery, Blesses “Ha’Tov VeHameitiv”

A religious woman called Rachel picked up the ringing phone to hear the news that most people only dream of: on the line was Arella, who notifies lottery winners of their win. Rachel had won 500,000 NIS in that’s week lottery.
Rachel’s response was to receive the blessing “Tov Umeitiv” that is typically recited over hearing good news.
Rachel had signed up for a Mazel subscription with the National Lottery, which allows members to participate in weekly lottery drawings for amounts of up to hundreds of thousands. In one of these, she made her win.
Even though her husband had opposed her joining the lottery, she felt it was a legitimate effort towards making a living, and to her delight, she won.
Despite her good fortune, it remains a fact that the vast majority of lottery players lose their money from playing the lottery.
Just a month ago, Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon stated that he wanted to remove the 1,000 Mazel machines all over the country, where people purchase their Mazel lottery subscriptions, despite it being a significant part of the National Lottery earnings. He claimed that the Mazel machines were “casinos” in every way, and the majority of people buying the lottery from them were poor people who couldn’t afford it.



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