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Scarlett Johansson Found Her Roots and Couldn’t Stop Crying

In the popular show Finding Your Roots, celebrities from around the world find out about their ancestry and where they came from. Scarlett Johansson participated in the show. She knew she had Jewish origins but never really investigated her family history and she was not prepared for the sad information she discovered during the show.

She discovered that her great grandfather Sol was a holocaust survivor who lost his entire family in the Warsaw Ghetto. “I couldn’t believe the horror,” Scarlett said tearfully. Sol used to sell bananas as a street vendor in America while at the same time, his brother and their entire family was under the command of the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto and was eventually murdered.

“This revelation makes me feel even more connected to this side of my family,” Scartlett said while crying as she held documents about them from Yad Vashem in her hands which confirmed what happened to them.

Scarlett read the names of her deceased relatives on the show and they include: her great uncle, the brother of Moshe Shlomberg, 2 of his children Mendel age 17 and Zlata age 15. “Wow this is sad. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but it’s too hard not to. It’s strange to think my great grandfather Sol sold bananas in the street in America while his brother was in the ghetto under the Nazis,” said Scarlett.


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