Searching for Your Soulmate? 5 Tips from Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

In his weekly column in the Yad Ne'eman newspaper, Rabbi Shmuel Baruch Genut recounts the following: A Jew approached Rabbi Chaim Knievsky Shlita and told him that a student in his yeshiva has two older sisters who have not yet found their soulmates. He asked Rabbi Kanievsky to bless the sisters to finally find their other half. 
Rabbi Kanievsky answered at great length, unlike the usual. He said to the questioner as follows: “Here are some tips. Take a pen and paper and write down:
A. Take upon yourself to be extremely careful of speaking or hearing gossip.
B. Don't criticize anyone.
C. Don't be particular (makpid) on anyone.
D. It is also very important that nobody is makpid on them. So if there is a suspicion that they caused sombody pain – they should appease them, ask for forgiveness and ask them not to be makpid.
E. They should pray for friends who are searching for a shidduch.
This is the advice of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlita for finding a match.

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