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Security in Jerusalem Old City will Increase Today

Israel news:

On Shabbat Morning a terrorist in the Atarot region shot at a car wounding a Palestinian driver. After Shabbat the terrorist was identified and killed while trying to shoot security forces.

The temple mount will reopen to Muslim worshippers gradually today after being shut down since Friday morning due to the terror attack which killed 2 policemen at the Lion’s Gate.

Friday’s terror attack was avoidable: In 2014, security agencies recommended putting magnetic detectors back into the 9 gates going to the Temple Mount to protect from worshippers smuggling weapons as they did on Friday. Unfortunately the report was ignored due to pressure from Jordan and its Wakf in charge of the Temple Mount. Netanyahu gave new orders on Friday to reinstate the magnetic detectors; if they will indeed be reinstated remains to be seen.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan protested Israel’s closing the Temple mount on Friday and they want the Jordanian government to break diplomatic ties with Israel.

Netanyahu is traveling to France tonight and will meet with French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron. He will also be visiting other countries during the week in an effort to strengthen European ties with Israel.

World news:

The French Jewish community is signing a petition demanding that the French justice system not ignore the fact that Sarah Halimi was killed because she was Jewish. The murderer was a 27 year old Arab Terrorist that shouted ‘Allah Akhbar before he stabbed her to death and threw her from her porch to make it look like a suicide on April 3rd at night. The act was obviously deliberate and well thought out. However, the police want to whitewash the terror attack claiming the terrorist was only someone insane and not aware of his actions. In light of this whitewashing the Jewish community is protesting and signing a petition to demand the government do justice to this anti-Semitic terror crime.  

At a Victory Rally celebrating a year since a fail coup against him, Recyp Erdogan announced that he wants to kill all traitors who tried to orchestrate the coup. He also wants to reinstate the death penalty to instill fear in his opposition and kill them if necessary.

Religious people are more tolerant of the opinion of others than atheists: The Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium made a study that shows religious people to be more tolerant than atheists when it comes to listening to other viewpoints. The atheists actually believe that they are more open-minded than religious people. In reality they were less tolerant according to the study. They displayed an intolerance of opinions different than theirs whereas the religious participants in the study were more able to understand the perspective of others.


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