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Shabbat is Not Up For Negotiation

Trump’s leak to Lavrov about explosive laptops endangered Israel’s intelligence agencies: Former Mossad Head Danny Yatom said the information Trump told Lavrov was then passed to another country and that endangered Israel’s intelligence agencies and forced Israel to lose a valuable information source inside ISIS. You can’t take classified information and give it to another nation without previous authorization.

40 years Since Sadat’s historic visit secret details come out: Syria sent up warplanes to shoot Sadat’s plane out of the sky after his visit on his way home according to documents released and publicized on Israeli TV. Begin sent up fighter jets to take the Syrian plane out but the Syrian pilot got cold feet and retreated.

Litzman issued an ultimatum to Netanyahu; ‘A Jewish Country doesn’t work on Shabbat’ and he will follow through and quit from being health minister even though he is doing a great job, and dissolve the coalition if there continues to be work on train lines on Shabbat. He has no faith in the Israel Railway company that hasn’t honored previous agreements vis a vis the Shabbat and the Torah leadership instructed Litzman to lay down the law. “We vote with the coalition because we are part of it but Shabbat is not up for negotiation. We expect our coalition partners to also uphold the Shabbat”.


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