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Shabbat is Paying Omer Adam Back for Caring About It

Rabbi Mazuz a foremost kabbalist in our generation and Rosh Yeshiva (Head of the Yeshiva) called “Kisey Rachamim” Throne of Mercy, gives a lecture after Shabbat. In last night’s lecture he spoke of singer Omer Adam’s rise to success this past year and the rabbi attributed his success to his honoring the Shabbat. “The Shabbat is repaying Omer”, said the rabbi, mentioning Omer’s sacrifice for honoring Shabbat. There is a musical festival called “Festigal” and it was slated to take place on Shabbat. Adam was the only musician that spoke out against this and would not participate in the music festival. Because of Omer the Festigal was moved to after Shabbat instead.

“He found out it was going to be on Shabbat. On Shabbat? I keep Shabbat! If you postpone it to after Shabbat then I’m in but if not I’m not coming. Not for a million shekels I won’t come. Because of him they pushed it to after Shabbat”, said the rabbi. “Last year could you hear of such a thing happening? If you didn’t want to go so you didn’t (but the show went on). But this year it didn’t and that’s because they pushed it off because of Omer and that’s very important.”

Rabbi Mazuz also commented Omer’s dizzying success this year selling out his concerts and said: Shabbat is paying back. Shabbat is the source of all blessing and whoever runs away from the Shabbat is indeed unfortunate…perhaps we’ll invite Omer to attend a lecture!”  


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