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Shneur Zalman Boaron Opens His Eyes

A week ago 13 year old Shneur Zalman Boaron was in a car crash and sustained injuries to his head that caused bleeding inside his skull. This bleeding can prove to be fatal as it presses on the brain and could cause brain function to stop. Shneur Zalman was brought to the hospital in critical condition and stayed comatose for over a week.

Yesterday his parents Nissim and Rina Boaron announced to COLlive that the saw an improvementin Shneur Zalman’s situation.  “Shneur Zalman opened his eyes and woke up,” wrote the father and added:
“We are sure that we got Shnneur back in merit of all your prayers that slip open the gates of Heaven and in merit of all the Mitzvos that each and every one of you have done”.

Shneur’s sister Chanie wrote: “we have no words to thank you for your love and support you have shown us in the past week.”
Shneur Zalman put on Tefillin and said Shma Yisrael for the first time in 8 days. (See video below)

Life is a gift we may sometimes forget and take for granted until G-d Forbid it’s hanging by a thread. Let us share in Shneur Zalman’s happiness to be alive and do Mitzvot together with his family and all of Clal Yisrael.

Please keep praying for Shneur Zalman Ovadia Ben Rina Miriam for a complete and speedy recovery.


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