Solomon Murderer: ‘A Humane Terrorist’

The PA proves time and time again that there is no one out there that Israel can call a partner for peace. The Palestinian Communications Outlook Foundation quotes Faiz Abbas who is ‘an expert on Israeli affairs’ of Palestinian TV who says: “This is the picture of the children that they claimed they saved but the story is quite different. The young man (the terrorist) knew there were children and refused to harm them, at least according to Palestinian reports…”

In the official Palestinian newspaper Al-Jedida they write: “Omer Al-Abed succeeded in killing 3 settlers and wounding a 4th but he could have also killed the wife of one of the killed settlers but chose not to because she was a mother watching 2 of her children and he showed that even in war there are morals.”

Salah Abu Rokhba a PA official and a member of the Arab Palestinian Front called the murderer a ‘Palestinian hero’ and praised him as a man of compassion since he didn’t kill the children. “This Palestinian hero broke into an Israeli settlement and did this brave act. He was careful not to harm children to send a message to the whole world that Palestinians are compassionate people but they protect their rights even if their means for doing so aren’t accepted in some countries.”

Maybe we should have them over for a Shabbat meal since they’re so compassionate. Oh I forgot! They already came uninvited to a different Shabbat meal and killed 3 of the Solomon family.             


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