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St. Petersburg Train Was Bombed By Suicide Terrorist

A suicide bomber was among those killed in the St. Petersburg subway attack in which 10 civilians were killed and more than 50 wounded, an official security source said Monday.

The report came shortly after authorities issued a statement that arrest warrants were issued against two suspects connected to the explosion. Reports also say that police cameras saw the terrorist's face as he placed a bag filled with explosives and documents into the train car.

A picture of a bearded man reported to be suspected of being the terrorist was published yesterday, but during the night the man reported to the police on his own and declared that he was not involved in the attack.

Less than a day after the attack, new details were uncovered. As it turns out, the attack took place at 14:40 when the train was between two stations. Despite the explosion, the conductor didn't stop, but kept riding to the next station, from which the injured were evacuated. Security force sources praised the conductor’s behavior, saying that his decision to get to the next station enabled emergency responders to evacuate the wounded quickly, and this saved lives.

Following the attack, condemnations were heard around the world. US President Donald Trump denounced the attack, saying it was “a terrible thing.” He offered US assistance in bringing the culprits to justice.

During the night, civilians gathered in several locations in Russia and placed flowers and candles in memory of those murdered. President Vladimir Putin arrived at the site of the attack and placed flowers there.


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