“Super Nanny” Says Hanukkah is a Good Time for Children to Play with Fire

Michal Daliot a.k.a. Super Nanny gives us a surprising tip for Hanukkah” “do your children want to play with fire? Are they enchanted by it? Let them play with it. Specifically Hanukkah is the holiday for playing with fire.”

Sounds scary, is she really a super nanny? The answer is yes and when you hear her explanation of the world of a child you’ll understand what she means. Super Nanny maintains that specifically when a child will experiment with fire then he will understand that it’s dangerous. This is something all the verbal instruction and warnings in the world can’t do. Hanukkah is the holiday of fire. “All children love to play with fire, period! And I’ll tell you that even if you want to come to me and spank me for saying it, sit next to them and let them play with the fire.”

Super Nanny explains that when you tell a child ‘no, it’s dangerous’, ‘you’re not allowed’ or ‘watch it’ he doesn’t pay attention because he is truly not aware of the danger. He’ll try the matches or cigarette lighter if they’re in reach. Telling a child something is dangerous doesn’t work because he doesn’t know what dangerous is. If you tell him ‘don’t get lost’ he may ask himself: ‘Where can I get this thing she called ‘lost’?’ Children don’t know fire is hot and that it hurts. They learn this from experience. I most definitely won’t let them get run over on a road G-d forbid but I will let them experiment with fire under my supervision and perhaps they may get slightly burned.

“But you are there. They won’t get burned to the point they should be hospitalized but if you’re not around to prevent them and they play with fire they might get hospitalized. We can say be careful and sometimes even a drop of hot milk falls on the child’s finger and it’s not pleasant, but they learn from it. So rely on your children and understand this,” the Super Nanny concludes.


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