Swedish Thugs Attacked a Woman Because of Her Star of David

The Muslim population is intensifying throughout Europe – this is no secret. In many places, there’s a great fear to walk around with external Jewish symbols, and in recent weeks, especially since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, many more anti-Semitic incidents were reported than usual. In many countries in Europe, America, and in Arab countries, Jews have been repeatedly attacked with racial slurs directed at them. This time it is Sweden who’s joining the ranks of anti-Semitism.

NRG tells the story of a Swedish Jew in her 40s – Anna Sjögren, who wore a necklace with a Star of David – and was attacked.

The incident occurred a few days ago in Gottsunda, a suburb of the city of Uppsala in central Sweden. A number of Muslim thugs, who saw her wearing the necklace, spat at Sjögren and began to attack her until she was injured all over her body – especially on her face, her jaw which was severely injured, and her eyes which were so swollen that she could barely see. “Someone threw a sharp object in the direction of my face,” she recalled. According to Sjögren, there were about ten people who witnessed the attack. “All ten people saw what happened. They were wearing Hijabs and Palestinian colored scarves”, everyone claims that she tripped and fell. “The fact that I wasn’t beaten after I fell is simply incredible.”

“Before we got to the hospital, one of the men motioned to me to ‘Shut up or we’ll kill you”, she said fearfully. “Right now I do not know what to do, if I do not turn to the police, then they will win, but if I talk to the police, nothing will happen anyway. After all, I did not see who hit me, and all the witnesses say I ‘tripped’. The worst part of it is that they have my name and address.”

The security guard at the scene, who was also from Muslim descent, did not bother to call the police or the hospital, though he did take her to the hospital.

Sjögren’s friend said that she plans on talking to the Jewish community’s security company. “It is absolutely ridiculous that we’ve come to a point where in Sweden, a country where I grew up, you cannot turn to the police out of fear of being harmed.”

A large pro-Israel rally is scheduled to take place next month with Sjögren at its head.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “There are days when the Star of David is more significant. I would never remove it, no matter what happens.”

“I will stand proud for Israel. They will never silence me. Am Israel Chai! We will never forget and never forgive!”


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