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Syria Horror: “Good Bye My Dear Wife and Baby Twins”

2 days after the horrible chemical gas attack in Syria, lifesaving efforts are still underway. As time goes on, more and more pictures of the carnage go public which all show people who suffered from a chemical attack.

Aya Fadel an area resident tells what she saw. “About 6:30 in the morning we heard a great boom and all the windows and doors shattered. We ran and ran and couldn’t do anything else. My husband and son were next to me but I couldn’t see them because you couldn’t see anything. A large truck stopped next to us and they told us there’s a bunch of dead people inside the truck. We saw our family relatives, all of them.”

Abdel Hameed Alyousef lost his wife and 9 month old twin babies in the attack. He asked his cousin to video him saying farewell to both of them saying: “Here’s Aya and Achmad say good-bye my loved ones.”

Alyousef tells over what transpired in those difficult moments. He was with his wife and children when the attack happened. “I saw all three of them were hurt. They originally were conscious but then I smelled the odor” said Alyousef. ‘I took them to paramedics them for treatment and went to look for other family members and afterwards I found out they were dead. I went to see how my other family members fared and I found the bodies of 2 of my brothers, 2 nephews and a niece and bodies of friends and neighbors. I lost 19 family members. People just started falling down, now they’re all dead.”

A doctor in Idlib said yesterday (Wednesday) that 68 victims came to his hospital, 21didn’t survive and they are still receiving people for treatment.


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