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Tens of Thousands at Rashbi Gravesite

Israel News

Starting from Friday tens of thousands came to Rashbi’s gravesite in Meron for Lag BaOmer festivities. Hundreds of thousands are on their way.

Magen David Adom this morning already administered first aid to 353 people. That number is expected to climb towards 500. In light of the ‘Sharav’ dry desert winds and high temperatures today, MDA recommends to people visiting the gravesite to come equipped with water, sun protection and to listen to police instructions.

Senior Israeli Cabinet members will establish the amount to increase the ‘Handicap Stipend’.

Israel land Authority decided a developer has 4 years from receiving building authorization to build on his land.

The Adva Commission reported that company CEOs in Israel earn 39 times the Israeli median income.

‘I need to buy a spinner’ said a man stopped by police for jumping a red light!

Taisir abu Sanina slated to win tomorrow’s election for mayor of Hebron was part of the terror cell that murdered six yeshiva students in 1980 in the Bet Hadassah massacre.  

Israel preparing cyber security for its hospitals.  After seeing dozens of U.K. hospitals paralyzed by cyber-attacks last weekend, Israel is preparing cyber security for its hospitals and the Ministry of Health. The nightmare scenario would be if G-d forbid, life support machines would be turned off. Less fearful but also dangerous, would be if medical dockets of patients would be broken into. Cyber experts say ‘hospitals will find it difficult to function during a cyber-attack but it’s still possible they could function’.

Trump’s air train for his upcoming visit to Israel has begun. More than 1000 staff will come and 30 cargo planes have started landing in Israel.
Foreign News

North Korea tested another ballistic missile. The missile traveled over 700 km. and landed in the Sea of Japan just days after South Korea’s new president, who calls for dialogue with North Korea was sworn in. The US claims the missile tested was not intercontinental but Japan thinks this is a new type of missile. The White House announced: “We need to place stronger sanctions on North Korea.”

Kurdish forces are advancing on Rakka the Syrian capital of ISIS. These forces have support of Western coalition bombers led by the United States.


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