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Tension Mounts in Gaza, Jeff Sessions Testifies in the Senate

Israel news:

Netanyahu cancelled visit to Gaza due to mounting tensions.

Gaza electricity crisis: Netanyahu stated clearly: “The electricity crisis is an internal dispute in Gaza. Israel has no side in increasing tensions.  
Hotel fire in Eilat: A fire broke out in the ground floor of the club Hotel in Eilat. There may be people trapped.

Handicap stipend: The committee appointed by Netanyahu announced it would authorize an increase of 500 shekel and not 1200 shekel. MK Shmueli commented: “An increase of a few hundred shekels is spitting in the face of the handicapped. Hundreds of handicapped people protested in central Israel blocking roads.

World News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies in the Senate. He said he was not involved in the FBI investigation of Russian interference of the US elections. Mr. Sessions says he recused himself from the Department Of Justice Russia probe “not because of any asserted wrongdoing but because of regulations. As of closing this column so far the accusations are fake news and no evidence from anything Jeff Sessions said in spite of repeated attempts to hint wrongdoing.

New Zealand: The New Zealand Government decided to end their diplomatic tiff with Israel when they supported the infamous UN Security Council resolution 2334 which condemned Israeli settlement activity as illegal, and demanded that Israel should “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the 'occupied' Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem”. They sent a letter of apology to Netanyahu for this and are sending their Ambassador back to Israel as well as accepting Israel’s ambassador back.

ISIS burned the Mosul University Library which was considered one of the best and largest libraries in the region.


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