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Terror Couple Who Planned Attacks in Canadian Parliament Acquitted for “Incompetence”

John Nuttal and Amanda Korody, a couple who converted to Islam and planned to plant an explosive device in parliament, were acquitted of terrorism charges by the Supreme Court of Canadian province British Columbia for “incompetence” and being “entrapped” by police.  The judge ruled that the police had tricked the couple into preparing a bomb so they can be arrested and charged, while the couple were not capable of carrying out an actual attack.

“There are enough terrorists in the world,” the judge wrote in her decision. “We don't need the police to help more people who've been marginalized if they're too incompetent to commit the terror attack by themselves.”

The videos provided by the police as evidence shows the couple telling the camera that Jihad is a religious obligation for every Muslim, and Muslims should fight infidels with every means available. They declared allegiance to Al-Qaeda and its founder, Osama Bin Laden.

The couple had also told a secret agent who had presented himself as a fellow Jihadi of their desire to break into a synagogue to murder Jewish children. They explained that it would be an act of compassion as the children would spend eternity in hell if they grew up as Jews, but will go to heaven if they died as children.

Today one doesn’t have to be particularly “competent” to make a bomb, since dozens of jihadi websites explain how to do so with common household items. The real indication of danger is when individuals are motivated by jihadi philosophy and affiliate themselves with terrorist groups. However, the enlightened Supreme Court justice clearly disagrees.


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