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Terror Deterrence in Venice: “Whoever Shouts Allah Akhbar will Get Shot”

After the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and the general feeling of tension and high alert around Europe yesterday (Thursday), the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro said that tourism in Venice is far safer than in Barcelona where last week’s attack took place. He added: “In contrast to Barcelona we know how to keep our guard up.” The mayor also took the opportunity to mention that 5 months before the Venetian Police stopped 4 suspects who looked suspicious that wanted to blow up the famous Rialto Bridge and kill hundreds of tourists.

The UK Daily Mirror newspaper reports that the mayor actually came out with instructions to the Police to shorten their deterrence process and shoot at anyone who shouts ‘Allah Akhbar’ and prevent terror attacks before they happen. He also explained his out of the ordinary instructions saying that someone who says ‘Allah Akhbar’ means they want to go to him. “They want to go to Allah, so we will send them straight to him before they can cause harm,” Brugnaro explains.


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