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Terror in New York on Westway Bike Path

Israel news:

Thousands of apartments to be built on Tel Hashomer Hospital land parcel: The Israel Land Council authorized the building of thousands of apartments in the land parcel of Tel Hashomer hospital. Many of the apartments will be for long term rent. The old structures will be knocked down and replaced with new buildings. 600 apartments will be leased to senior hospital staff discounted 30% from market prices.

The annual Israeli Foreign Policy Survey shows 70% of Israelis believe foreign policy should focus on promoting ties with moderate Arab countries.

November 1st marks the day drivers in Israel must use their headlights in the daytime: Trucks must light them in the city and intercity roads, cars need light them only on intercity roads. Violators will pay a 100 shekel fine and this headlight law is actually adhered to by over 95% of drivers increasing car visibility and safety in the winter.

World news:

Terror in New York: 8 people were killed and 12 injured when a terrorist named Sayfullo Saipov age 29 from Uzbekistan took a rented home Depot Truck and drove over a mile down the Westway bike path southward from West Houston street to Chambers street trying to hit as many bike riders and pedestrians as possible. After going off the bike path he rammed his car into a school bus full of terrified students. He got out and wanted to use his air rifle to shoot more people when police shot him. Notes the terrorist left in his car say he swore allegiance to ISIS but his ties with ISIS are being investigated and have not yet been confirmed.

President Trump sent his condolences to the victim’s families and said that now is the time for extreme vetting. Security is the priority over political correctness. It’s senseless to rout ISIS in the Middle East only to have them terrorize us at home.

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