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Terrorists Hid Weapons in Child’s Bed

3 terrorists, members of a terror cell suspected of preparing and carrying out terror attacks against Israel were arrested last month in a special campaign of the GSS and the Duvduvan (Cherry) division of the IDF. The information about the arrests was only permitted for release just recently and the terrorists are expected to be convicted.

Last month security forces came to the houses of 2 of the 3 suspected terrorists and arrested them when they found the weapons hidden in the box of one of their children’s beds. The 3rd suspect was arrested during the day. All 3 were from the village of Fachma in the Jenin area. During the searches they also found vehicles that were used in terror attacks and they even found a will from one of the terrorists who assumed he would die in a future terror attack.

This cell was responsible for tens of shooting attacks on towns in Samaria including; Shaked, Hermesh and Shevei Shomron. They also shot at cars driving on roads in the area and planned and executed a shooting attack on an IDF patrol. These various attacks miraculously didn’t kill anyone but caused property damage.   


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