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Thanks to Righteous (and Not Nervous) Women We Were Redeemed

The moment has come for clarity and deliberation. Prepare your pure heart to receive the tremendous spiritual abundance that descends on the night of the holiday.

Passover – the holiday of redemption, teaches us that there are two elements that complement one another: The foundation of destroying the Chametz, and the foundation of freedom. These are the conditions for redemption, and we will take these two elements with us as daily work for the entire year.

1. “Elimination of Chametz” : This is the moment when you actually burn the Chametz that is hidden in the cracks of your heart, the feelings of missed opportunity in your life. All the places that made you make a sour face, the foreign influences on your soul, the masks you hide behind, the arguments and anger that weighed so heavily on your pure heart.

Take a pen and a pen and write all the things you want to get rid of. Make a small fire (carefully) and insert a note after a note, to see how you burn the evil from within you.

“I forgive … that has been in my heart for so many years, and I release it from my heart immediately with a sense of wholeness. I forgive the children, my neighbor and society. I ask forgiveness of myself for all the times I have judged myself for no fault of my own.”

From here you will come to the foundation of true “freedom,” and you will be able to rejoice in everything the Creator gives, and believe that G-d carries us on the wings of eagles. To know that you have so much good inside you, and that you can give with a shining face from an abundance of faith and hope. This is the time to pray for the children. If, G-d forbid, one of the children shows signs of dropping out, you will put it in your prayers on this night of G-d’s watchfulness that G-d should watch him from all evil, and G-d should remove from his pure heart that which is bothering it. The letters of Chametz  in Hebrew also spell Tzemach meaning a plant or growth. As soon as you burn the chametz, you can grow and nurture your inner strengths.

2. The foundation of freedom

The end of slavery, of tension and rags: If you toiled and found it – have faith!

Here comes the long-awaited moment. The whole family is preparing to sit at the table of kings, just as I wrote in one of the children's songs: “My father is a king, mother is the queen, we are children in the kingdom of joy.”

Our Sages say: “In every generation one must see himself, as if he had left Egypt.” In your mind's eye, you really need to see that you are coming out of the “Egypt” inside you, from all the worries, fears and troubles that come in bundles. You must see to it that all the troubles turn into baskets full of treasures!

Maimonides changes the language of the Mishnah, which says that one must see oneself (as coming out of Egypt, and says instead that “a man must show,” that is, to demonstrate; to be joyful and happy, to do things that evoke joy, such as eating, drinking and leaning on his side, as Rabbi Dessler writes in his wonderful book Michtav M’Eliyahu “- that” the hearts are drawn after the deeds. “Rabbi Nachman (the doctor of the soul) also states in the book of measurements that” by the movements of the body comes the enthusiasm of the heart. “

And therefore, precious women, this Passover we will all go out with huge joy, stretch a smile, blot out signs of tiredness and begin to “fly on the wings of eagles”: clap hands and release the muscles that are sore from cleaning!

​The Creator of the Universe pours infinite love and faith into our souls. Listen to the notes that are playing inside you, and do not forget to raise your eyes to heaven and say, “Father – this is all for you.”
Wishing us all the joy of an eternal holiday in the complete redemption; As if you came out of the land of Egypt, we shall see wonders.


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