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The 3rd Thing Messianic Jews for Jesus Don’t Want You to Know

The third thing that ‘Jews For Jesus’ doesn’t want you to know is that they are just Christians disguising as Jews.

The Jews for Jesus will tell you they speak Hebrew and keep the “traditions” of Shabbat, Mezuzah and the holidays and that’s what makes them Jewish.  What they won’t tell you is that besides believing in Jesus, their faith includes no obligation to keep any mitzvoth or Jewish holidays. Messianic Jews deny all that is written in the Torah like Shabbat, Tefillin and Circumcision and even intermarriage. Any traditional activity they choose to do is solely for the purpose of looking Jewish to mislead genuine Jews to follow them.

Messianic Jews have no problem including unconverted gentiles into their ranks and to marry non Jewish men or women in spite of the explicit Torah commandment prohibiting this “Do not marry in them. Don’t give your daughter to their son nor take their daughter for your son.” (Deuteronomy 7, 3)  They don’t believe that non-Jews need to be converted as they see no intrinsic difference between a Jew and a non-Jew and they therefore are not obligated to keep the Torah.  Therefore Messianic Jews have no problem with someone who doesn’t keep Jewish holidays or put a mezuzah on his doorpost or intermarry or fail to circumcise his son.  These Messianic “Jews” have no halachic or other Jewish identity that ties them to the Jewish nation, not even ethnic ties. If so you may ask; where did this cult come to use the name “Jews”?

So indeed the “Messianic Jewish” cult was invented in the 1960’s in America. This was an additional cult that appeared on the heels of the Christian Evangelists. There was never a Jewish group in history that believed in Jesus that didn’t end up assimilating. It should be known that historically speaking, Christianity was the first organized religion and it controlled Europe for close to 2 millennia. There was never a messianic Jewish group that lasted from then until our days. Any Jew that believed in Jesus disappeared into the oblivion of intermarriage. This is an undisputed historical fact.

The Messianic Jews will claim that it is true they are a new group but they are renewing the faith of olden times, a claim that falls flat in light of the fact their belief  is no different than other Catholics’ belief in the trinity and the new testament. On the same token why haven’t we heard of French for Jesus or Russians for Jesus? This is because in these countries the Catholics have nothing to hide from the population and they don’t need to disguise their true intentions from them to draw them into their faith. But for the Jews they need to hide behind this disguise if they are going to have any traction whatsoever. If they looked exactly like the other Catholics which they really are, Jews would reject them out of hand.

To counter this they’ll tell you they speak Hebrew and serve in the army; a claim that doesn’t make them any more Jewish than other non-Jews living in Israel doing the same thing.

It is interesting to note that even secular legal experts considered the potential right of return for Messianic Jews and came to the conclusion that they have no Jewish identity. Thus ruled the Israeli Supreme Court in which Justice Aharon Barak wrote: “These contributing factors of language, nationality, religion and historical factors all lead to the conclusion that someone who believes that Jesus is the Messiah and sees this as his main faith and tries to bring people to it and concentrates on communities for this… is a person who believes in a different faith in a manner that rules out his being Jewish. According to this awareness we see the petitioners as people of another religion… and it seems the religion the petitioners are part of is according to secular definition, Christianity… (Supreme Court 265/87 Gary Lee and Shirley Brasford  vs. Ministry of Interior)

Even Avraham Poraz who was the minister of the interior said in an interview; “the right of return law was given for Jews alone. A Jew that becomes a Catholic is not a Jew any more for this law. Whoever believes in Jesus is NOT a Jew. What can you do, Judaism does not believe in Jesus! It is even called idolatry. Whoever believes in Jesus is in my eyes a Catholic. Period!  (Yedioth Acharonoth 13/8/2004)

It is difficult to believe that “Messianic Jews” who failed to even fool secular judges would be successful in misleading those who ascribe to traditional Judaism and can well distinguish between a Jew and a person of another faith.


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