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The 5th Thing Messianic Jews for Jesus Don’t Want You to Know

Our  sages never hid any prophecies in the scriptures and they never twisted around the name of Yeshu around to make fun of him.

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All of the prophecies in the scriptures merited having being fully explained by our commentators. There wasn't ever a prophecy or a verse that it was hidden or left without the explanation of our Sages. The one expertise of the Messianic Jews is to take chapters or verses of the scriptures and misrepresent them, hiding explanations to say that the verses talk about Jesus. Anybody who read through the scriptures knows that the prophets quite often talked in imagery, parables, and riddles and hints that all need an explanation. The missionaries use this fact and rely on ignorance of the people reading these parables and riddles that are sometimes not clear and they always take these verses out of context.

Let us discuss 3 well-known examples.

1.The prophecy of Isaiah:
Isaiah speaks about the Exile of Babylon and the destruction in chapter 52 and then a different chapter describes Jerusalem as a barren and poor woman (chapter 54). In chapter 53 Isaiah describes the nation of Israel as a righteous person that is tortured and cast aside. It is important to understand that nowhere in these verses or chapters was the word Messiah never mentioned but in order to twist what these verses say the Messianic Jews just show chapter 53 out of context and they say that the parable of the torture and righteous one is talking about Jesus the crucified. Besides taking the chapter out of context even according to what they say it knocks down their own belief in Jesus because it talks about a person that will be full of pain and familiar with illness and as far as we know Jesus was never sick and was never an invalid, he never suffered from pain more than anyone else. In the parable it also says he will see descendants and he will live long and the will of G-d will succeed in his hand. But Jesus was crucified at a very young age and did not leave children behind.

Furthermore the parable talks about that when they kill the righteous one he won't say a word he will be like a sheep being brought to slaughter and will not open his mouth that's what the verse says in verse 7. Whereas the Christian story when they capture Jesus he shouts ‘you kept you went out with swords and sticks to catch me’ and when they crucified him he cries out why my God my God why did you leave me? If that's not enough the verse in Isaiah says that he would be buried with evil people in verse 9, but according to their story Jesus was buried with a righteous one from Ramatayim. Besides that you have to we have to understand that in chapter 52 and 54 Isaiah is talking about exile and prophesizes  about the Redemption of the whole nation of Israel by the hand of God being saved from the foreign Nations. This is a prophecy which we're still waiting for, which proves that the Messiah still hasn't come according to Isaiah. So anybody who reads these words in order cannot make the mistake of this falsehood propagated by the Messianic Jews.

The next example is the prophecy of Jeremiah. The Prophet Jeremiah teaches us that in the end of days God will renew His Covenant with the children of Israel and he will call that renewed relationship with us a new covenant. The first Christians call their book the New Testament according to this verse because they want to claim that the prophet had in mind the creation of a new religion.

The Catholics tried creating a prophecy after the fact and they point to it when they read this passage in Jeremiah but this strange story just shows their ignorance and understanding scriptures and the Hebrew language. First of all the word ‘brit’ in Hebrew meaning covenant doesn't mean ‘book’ it means an agreement a contract to accept its commandments, for example the Covenant between the animal parts or the blood of convenant.

Second of all since the Prophet Jeremiah wrote clearly that the New Covenant will be only for the nation of Israel as the verse says “and I will make with the children of Israel and the house of Judah a new covenant” that means only with the Jews and not with the non-Jews. If that is not sufficient it also says clearly that the New Covenant will be in order to fulfill the Torah and Commandments. As verse 32 says “this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days so says God, I gave my Torah amongst them and on their hearts I will inscribe it and I will be for them a God and they will be for me a nation.” This prophecy hasn't happened yet. The Prophet Jeremiah says that in the time that this prophecy happens (verse 33) “people we'll stop saying let us know God because everyone will know God from small to big.” I have no idea how any Jew that speaks Hebrew could read these verses in Jeremiah and think for one moment that is talking about some strange Catholic Covenant or faith in Jesus.

The third example is the prophecy of Daniel. Our sages taught us that in every generation there will be someone that is worthy to be the Messiah and he could be revealed because the Redemption depends on the spiritual state of the nation of Israel Nation. When the true Messiah comes he will save us from the nations of the world he will build the temple in Jerusalem and we will know for sure that he's the Messiah that was chosen by God. That is enough on its own to tell us that every prophecy about the coming of the Messiah hasn't happened yet. For example Daniel prophesied that when the Redemption comes there will also be a Revival of the Dead as in Daniel chapter 12 verse 2 says “and many from the people sleeping in the dust will rise up”. Daniel also describes in his prophecy that the nation of Israel will merit Redemption where the Messiah will come from the clouds as it says in Chapter 7 and not a poor one riding on a donkey. The two different versions of how the Messiah might come depend on the spiritual state of the Jews when he does come. But it is also well known that the prophecies of Daniel aren't readily understood and the Messianic Jews take advantage of that to establish fake dates of the Messiah according to what Daniel says in chapter 9. For that reason they hide the fact that the word messiah in the scriptures means King and only a very rare instances does it mean the ultimate Messiah of the Redemption. As a matter of fact the scriptures even mention non Jewish Kings as Messiah therefore all commentators understand that we're not talking about the Messiah of redemption, just one of the later kings that died in a later generation.

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More than this the Messiah that's mentioned in Daniel chapter 9 is called Messiah that is a king, whereas even according to the Catholic belief, Jesus was a nomad and not a king or an important person in Israel. It is a well-known fact that even the interpreters in Christianity had a hard time explaining the difference verses in Daniel that were contradictory and even this prophecy that they quote they find difficult since the words are not clear and very hard to understand. I have no idea how they were able to derive from these words anything about faith in the Messiah that was revealed and died without bringing Redemption to the world. It's interesting to note that in all the New Testament not once is the prophecy of Daniel mentioned not even the by the first generation Catholics because they never saw this as a proof to  describe Jesus.

Next thing we'll discuss is the sages and prophecies. It's not only true that the sages of the Jews never hid any prophecies, but quite the opposite is true. The sages were the carriers of tradition from generation to generation that brought forth all the scriptures that we have in the prophets and they were the ones to explain each verse according to its explanation and tradition that we received. The sages of Israel knew all the prophecies of the prophets they investigated every single verse that wrote commentaries according to allegorical explanation according to regular plain explanation of the words and they never came to the strange conclusions that the Messianic Jews came to. It seems the Messianic Jews eat what they want to see.

The name Jesus:  Messianic Jews keep on claiming that the sages of Israel changed the name of Yeshua to Yeshu to make fun of his name to mean Yimach Shemo Vezichro, erase his name and memory. This claim is historical falsehood. The writings of Christianity of the New Testament were written over and over for two thousand years in Greek and English and it translated into Hebrew only very recently and only then was the name Yeshua incorporated instead of Yeshu- Jesus. Both the Catholics and the Protestants never called Jesus with the name Joshua in their own language. Even in Talmudic Hebrew there was no special significance to this name and the Talmud itself really goes back and forth between Yeshua and Yehsu- Jesus which is really just a Corruption of Yehoshua- Joshua. As a matter of fact there were actually Talmudic sages named Yeshu. There was it a “Yeshu from the South” there was also Yeshu  the son of Rabbi Tanchum.

In light of this,it should be noted that no place in the Babylonian or Jerusalem Talmud used the expression “erase his name and memory” tied to the name Yeshua-Jesus. When the Talmud wants to mention Jesus from the New Testament he's called “Jesus the Nazarene” to differentiate from the name Jesus alone which is a name on its own. Non-Jews that don't know the Hebrew language found it hard to say the letter ‘Ayin’ and would call him Jesu which ended up turning into Jesus in English. Even the Maimonides mentions Yeshu 800 years ago (Laws of Kings, Chapter 11 Law 10) and he calls him Yehsu the Nazarene since there was nothing significant about putting in the letter ayin or leaving it out.

Our Rabbis never hid verses nor did they conceal the name of the crucified one.  In summary, it seems that the only ones hiding the truth are Jews for Jesus that hide the truth from the people that are listening to their claims.


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