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The 7th of Adar: A Day That Will Bring the Redemption?

1. This day is auspicious to be aroused to repentance. The 7th of Adar is the Moses the first leader and teacher of Israel was born and died. Many congregations would make a spiritual accounting on this day and arouse themselves to come back to G-d. The Hatam Sofer and the Yaarat Devash both mention that on the 7th of Adar Jewish preachers would speak before the nation and deliver words to arouse repentance.  

2. In the opening verse of this week’s Torah portion– Tetzaveh it says “And you shall command the children of Israel that they should take pure olive oil to light up a candle always. The Ohr Hachaim says this alludes to the Jews learning Torah which is akin to light and he says that the light of redemption will come through Moses in merit of Israel’s  learning Torah as it says in the Holy Zohar.

3. The Zohar says the future redemption will be in the merit of Moses: “Rabbi Yosi ben Chalafta sat before Rabbi Yitzchak and asked him: Did you hear why the day when Mashiach will come was delayed? He answered him; it was delayed only for not learning Torah for this is what Rabbi Hamnuna the elder said: we were exiled in 3 exiles and returned in merit of our 3 patriarchs. Our 4th exile will end in merit of Moses and we will come back.

4. Poverty in Israel is because they didn’t learn Torah: The Zohar continues and explains why there is poverty among Jews: “That is why the Torah says, the Torah was commanded to us by Moses – to keep it and toil in it. But if they don’t, it’s a ‘morasha’ which means poor as the verse says G-d is “morish”- makes poor. This teaches us that poverty come due to not learning Torah or doing Mitzvot.

5. Moses doesn’t want to redeem people who don’t learn: The Ohr Hachaim  sums up saying: “This is why the exile is so long for as long as we don’t keep Torah and Mitzvot Moses doesn’t want to redeem a nation that doesn’t learn Torah.

6. Moses will be our ruler: The Ohr Hachaim brings a hint from the first verse of Tetzaveh: And You should command as the verse says: “and He will command his angels as the sages say Tzav- command means kingship because Moses will rule over us. This means Moses will connect with the children of Israel in the future redemption and rule over us. In another place in the Zohar it says: Moses that redeemed us will also redeem us in the future as it says: “What was will be” Ma Shehaya Hu sheyihyeh the bold head letters spell Moshe, Moses.

The question is asked that the Moshiach needs to come from the descendants of King David? The Ohr Hachaim answers, that Moshiach will be composed of the souls of both David and Moses.

7. Learn Torah for its sake not for honor: The Ohr Hachaim says that in order for Israel to be redeemed there is a condition; that the Jews should toil in Torah that is likened to oil that lights the world but without any impurities meaning, Torah for its sake and not to dispute or to get honor.

8. Learning Torah through sacrifice: The Ohr Hachaim says another condition. “Squeezed for light -“Catit lamaor”. One should be “catet” squeeze their legs, bodies and strength to learn Torah as it says “This is the law of the Torah when a peson dies in the tent” The Torah only exists when a person ‘kills’ himself for it.

9. Moses sacrificed himself for Torah: Moses’s words to Israel are written in the Sifrei: “Moses told Israel: Perhaps you know how much I suffered for the Torah or how much I toiled for it and how much effort I expended for it  as the verse says “And he was there (in heaven) 40 days and 40 nights.” I went between the angels and fiery angels of which even one could burn the entire world… I gave up my life for Torah, my blood for it, and just as I learned it in pain so too you should also learn it (even) in pain.” (Sifrei, Haazinu 1)

Form all this we can see that the 7th of Adar the day of Moses’s passing in a proper day to strengthen ourselves in Torah learning and with that we can merit to bring the final redemption.


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